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What Insulating Products Are Available In SA?

There are 3 insulation materials in South Africa that are currently being used the most. There is think pink aerolite which is made from fiberglass. There is isotherm which is   polyester (plastic) and then there is cellulose fiber (Thermguard) insulation which has been chemically treated with non-harmful additives.

So what is the best? Well we will give you an overview of all 3 and give you the choice.

Think Pink Aerolite

Think pink aerolite is made from fibreglass,which can be very harmful to your body,it has roughly the same acoustic and R values as thermguard and isotherm but is not as eco-friendly as thermguard and is not as efficient as thermguard due to having to cut and paste where as thermguard has 100% seamless cover. Protective gear has to be used when handling this type of material as fibers can get in your skin and cause irritation.

Polyester Isotherm

Polyester isotherm is a new product that has been introduced into South Africa, it is made from recycled PLASTIC bottles. They claim to be the most Eco-friendly in South Africa even though plastic is not bio-degradable and recycling plastic uses more energy than recycling paper which is what thermguard does.


Thermguard is made from recycled paper and treated with NON-HARMFUL chemicals to make it fire retardant and insect and rodent resistant. The additives that are used in THERMGUARD, while they are harmless to humans, irritate insects and rodents, therefor they will not live in the fibers. As a result, having us install ceiling insulation your roof, it is a good form of pest control. THERMGUARD uses up to 12 times less energy to make than polystyrene, 15 times less energy to make than glass fiber and 33 times less energy to make than polyurethane.

Cellulose fiber ceiling insulation is a loose-fill insulation and is blown directly onto your ceiling. As a result it reaches all the hard to get places, providing a totally seamless blanket where no losses in heat flow can occur. Any gaps in your roofs insulation will reduce its effectiveness, but with THERMGUARD, you will never have to deal with this problem.

THERMGUARD will not affect allergy sufferers and offer a lifetime guarantee.


So a quick breakdown

Due to the biodegradable properties of paper and the amount of energy used to produce the product thermguard is in actual fact the most eco-friendly insulation in South Africa

Due to thermguard being a loose material, it has 100% coverage, unlike its competitors whose insulation comes in roll form, thus making it the more versatile insulation.

Thermguard is the cheapest insulation in KZN which is why we have adopted our any quote beaten policy.


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