1) If THERMGUARD is made from recycled paper wont it burn?

THERMGUARD is treated non harmful additives and therefor it will not burn. It is fire-tested under SANS 428 and it is therefor classified B/B1/2. The additives that are used will last as long as the building.

2) Will THERMGUARD reduce the consumption of electricity in my home?

THERMGUARD will radically reduce your electricity bills caused from heating and cooling your home. Depending on the architecture of your home it is estimated that the ceiling insulation will pay for itself in 2-3 years.

3) how long would the installation of ceiling insulation take ?

An average house takes about 3-5  hours to complete,all depending on size/location and amount of downlights.

4) How does THERMGUARD ceiling insulation compare with insulation rolls?

When blown directly onto the ceiling, our insulation fills all the hard to reach areas in your roof, creating a totally seamless coverage, giving 100% cover. Tests that where conducted in the  U.S.A. proved that cellulose ceiling insulation creates “air tightness” in a house and that when installed it preformed upto 38% better than roll type insulation.

5) Will THERMGUARD ceiling insulation make our home noticeably cooler?

Depending on the type of construction and material used e.g. smaller or larger windows, concrete roof tiles or metal roofing sheets, the average change in temperature from the outside and the inside of your home will be about 6+ degrees.

6) What will happen if the insulation gets wet?

Due to THERMGUARD ceiling insulation being manufactured from recycled paper, it is very absorbent ,if a leak occurs in your roof it will not damage the ceiling insulation or your ceiling, but instead it will absorb it, the next day when your ceiling gets hot, it will evaporate, this is why they call it the breathing insulation.

7) How is THERMGUARD insect and rodent resistant?

There are harmless household additives that have been added to ensure that THERMGUARD is rodent and insect resistant.

8) Will THERMGUARD worsen any of my family’s allergies?

No, THERMGUARD is 100% non-allergic and non-toxic to humans, making it very easy and friendly to use.

9) Is the insulation process dusty?

During instalation, there may be some dust due to THERMGUARD being a loose insulation, it is very easy to clean with a vacuum and will not irritate your skin, after the installation has been completed though there is no need to do anything.

10)  Are downlights a problem?

No, we will cover your downlights with a protective cone to protect the insulation and your lights.

11) What about wiring in my roof?

There will be no damage done to any wires in your roof as our insulation is non-corrosive. Unlike roll type insulation, THERMGUARD is a loose fill insulation which means wires can be easily traced through the insulation material without any cutting or repairing being needed.

12) How does THERMGUARD control sound?

THERMGUARD ceiling insulation is 4 times as dense as fiberglass and thus decreases sound drastically. If you live close to an airport or highway the sound produced will be reduced.




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