Ceiling insulation


Heat moves naturally from higher areas of heat to lower areas of heat inside your home which all the building materials that is used in your home either absorb heat or help to transfer it. If you use heaters in winter, that hot air will always try to leave your house, where the air is much cooler. In the summertime, the hot air from outside will always try to move into the cooler areas of your home. Insulation works by preventing this flow of heat.


Air is a bad conductor of heat which is why it is such an effective insulator, as long as it does not move, Due its fibrous make-up, cellulose ceiling insulation traps large amounts of air which then acts as a barrier to heat flow.

In summer the sun heats up your roof which then makes the temperature in your home unbearable. By installing THERMGUARD ceiling insulation, you will prevent the flow of heat inside your home by up to 89%! Depending on your location, this will make the temperature in your home naturally comfortable to live in, or in hot areas, reduce your air-conditioning bill considerably. In fact the cost our ceiling insulation will pay for itself within 3 years of installation.




wiwDuring the cold winter months, heat is often created by using electric heaters or gas heaters, or in your fire place. THERMGUARD will keep your home warm by keeping the heat inside your home which then cuts your cost of electricity and making your home more comfortable to live in. When fitted at 135mm, the prevention of heat flow in winter will be an incredible 92%!






How we install

Installation is actually very easy

First we lift the tiles off your ceiling, tiles where made to do this so don’t worry, we are not breaking anything. We then insert the pipe and blow Thermguard directly onto your ceiling, unlike rolls, our material is loose for a 100% seamless coverage, meaning you lose no heat flow.



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