Intact Insulation is an established and trusted thermal insulation provider of Thermguard with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry. Since 1984 when thermguard first started being produced, we have been successfully insulating buildings in the household and industrial sector all over KZN,ceiling insulation being our speciality.It has really stood the test of time and has proven to be the most eco-friendly insulation in KZN.

THERMGUARD Cellulose Fiber ceiling Insulation is made from recycled paper that has been treated with non-harmful additives to make it fire retardant and both insect and rodent resistant. Tons of paper that is usually sent to landfills and dumps all over the country are instead shredded and milled into our light cellulose ceiling insulation product with most ideal density, which is then blown directly onto your ceiling. Cellulose ceiling insulation reaches every aspect of your ceiling, ensuring maximum results and optimal prevention of heatflow, ensuring your ceiling insulation achieves the best results possible.

Why is Insulation Important to You?


Ceiling insulation drastically decreases heat-flow through the roof by up to 92%.Intact insulation will naturally keep your house at a comfortable temperature all year. You will save a significant amount of money on your electricity bill due to you not having to rely on your air cons and heaters as much, if not at all.

As Green as it gets

THERMGUARD is incredibly good for the environment. Not only does it damper the burning of fossil fuels by preventing you from using less electricity, it is made from 80% recycled paper, which would have gone to landfills and dumps. THERMGUARD also has a very low embodied energy, This prevents greenhouse gases at the consumer and producer end of the product, this is known as a “double-green” effect. THERMGUARD is also packaged in recycled plastic bags. Making every aspect of our ceiling insulation green and efficient.

Professional Installation

Intact insulation has been installing thermguard as to their specifications for over 25 years. Proper assessment of your ceiling, safe covering of downlights and best placement of insulation are all areas where we as professionals have a ton of expertise. Ceiling insulation is only as good as its installation, any gaps would decrease the effectiveness of the material installed. Why let anyone but the best into your home?. Intact Insulation is fitted with 25 years of industry knowledge and expertise.

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