Ecosia Filled-100Eco-Friendly

Thermguard is made from 80% recycled paper in a low energy consuming process making it an extremely eco- friendly ceiling insulation product.



Fire Station-104Fire retardent


Manufactured from recycled paper with harmless household additives to make our ceiling insulation fire retardant, and insect and rodent resistant.



Temperature Outside Filled-100Thermal Properties

Thermguard ceiling insulation will prevent up to 91% of heat generated from your heaters to escape out of your ceiling in winter, and will keep upto 88% of summer heat out aswell.




Cheapest ceiling insulation in KZN gauranteed.



Future Filled-50Experience

We have been around since 1989,trust only the best inside your home.




Diploma 1-52Certified and approved

Our product is SABS , ISO 9001 approved and certified,we comply with all the SANS 10400-XA building requirements.